Every person is a warrior. There are three pillars to being a strong and effective warrior.

1. “I know who I am.”
An unshakable sense of self identity rooted in self-love.

2. “My story is important, let me share it with you.”
The ability to tell one’s story from the heart, with dignity and respect for yourself, your community and the planet.

3. “Through my actions, I can and will change the world.”
A profound understanding that the world is changed by your example, not your opinion.

The IIYC provides the space and resources for youth to hone their skills as warriors through the following programs.


Mi Vida Su Vida

Mi Vida Su Vida is a workshop built in collaboration with Sisters of Color United for Education (SOCUE), which provides attendees a chance to dive into the depths of their inner being. Attendees will experience an immersive, hands on workshop where they will confront what it means to challenge historical and intergenerational trauma in order to heal and evolve. Participants will learn various healing techniques that they can use to heal one’s self and practice self-love, with the ultimate goal of using these practices to cultivating a deeply connected relationship with themselves, others and the planet.

In Mi Vida Su Vida youth will learn about:

  • Dynamic systems theory

  • Physics of the soul

  • The importance of water

  • Conocimiento

  • Historical & intergenerational trauma and healing

  • Food as medicine

  • Sexual health & identity

  • Drug use, abuse & dependency

  • Leadership development


Voices Through Media

The IIYC is collaborating with the Awake Media Fund (producers of Awake the Film), to train youth in media development and production from a non-violent direct action (NVDA) point-of-view. Elements of the training include, planning & storyboarding, camera & drone operation, storytelling, public speaking and editing. By participating in this training, youth develop stories and share them through a digital medium in a compelling, concise and emotive way. This enables IIYC youth to reach a broader audience when telling their stories centered around life, activism and civic engagement.

We are beginning to develop this program by sharing stories on the IIYC blog.


Non-Violent Direct Action Training

The IIYC has partnered with Indigenous Peoples Power Project (IP3) to send youth to Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) trainings. We host NVDA workshops at our Kick Backs where we plan different action initiatives that support rallies, marches and events. We expose, organize and openly oppose the challenges faced by not only indigenous communities, but ALL POC (People of Color), immigrant, and marginalized communities.


Monthly Kick Backs

Kick Backs offer youth a chance to engage on a local level. The IIYC believes that youth often know better than anyone else what resources and support are needed in our communities. At IIYC Kick Backs we connect with other young people in our local areas, host some of our workshops and trainings and sometimes just straight up chill at some of our favorite community spaces.

Interested in participating in one of IIYC's programs?

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