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Mi Vida Su Vida

Mi Vida Su Vida is a training in collaboration with Sisters of Color United for Education (SOCUE), which provides culturally responsive prevention, intervention and treatment methods around health education for young people. The IIYC believes that as young people, if we are to lead in our communities, we must ensure we are developing our leadership skills from a strong foundation. This begins with education around mental, physical and spiritual health. 

In Mi Vida Su Vida youth will learn about:

  • Dynamic Systems Theory
  • Physics of the Soul
  • The importance of water
  • Conocimiento
  • Historic & intergenerational trauma and healing
  • Food as medicine
  • Sexual health & sexual identity
  • Drug use, abuse & dependency
  • Leadership development

Voices Through Media

The IIYC is collaborating with the Awake Media Fund (producers of Awake the Film), to train youth in media development and production from a non-violent direct action (NVDA) point-of-view. Elements of the training include, planning & storyboarding, camera & drone operation, storytelling, public speaking and editing. By participating in this training, youth develop stories and share them through a digital medium in a compelling, concise and emotive way. This enables IIYC youth to reach a broader audience when telling their stories centered around life, activism and civic engagement.

We are beginning to develop this program by sharing stories on the IIYC blog.


7th Generation School Tour

The 7th Generation School Tour places council members in elementary, middle- and high-schools in Denver, Chicago, Texas, New Mexico and South Dakota. Council members engage students by sharing stories and facilitating dialogue around life as Indigenous People and our experience with DAPL, in hopes to inspire young people to stand for what they believe in.


Non-Violent Direct Action Training

We are interested in pursuing a partnership to develop a non-violent direct action training for
youth. We are in the process of solidifying our outreach plan to begin reaching out to partner
organizations to collaborate.

If you know of an individual or organization who would be worth reaching out to, please let us know.


Community Meetings

Each IIYC chapter hosts monthly community meetings to engage with youth on a local level. The IIYC believes that the youth often know better than anyone else, what's needed in their communities. Community meetings offer youth a chance to connect with other young people in their local area, while providing a platform to advise the IIYC on how best to engage in local community development.

Interested in participating in one of IIYC's programs?

Let us know.