Everything Will Be Okay / by Thomas Lopez

by Jasilea Charger

Controversial times and high stress topics can often cause us to feel as if things are out of our control, but even when the bad vibes and negative influences cross our paths remember; everything will be okay. We may not see it in the moment but we cannot give up or allow our time to stop. We cannot change what has already been done. All we can do is remember, and ensure it does not happen again. Because the reality is; control is simply an aspect of the mind.  It's something that we imagine one has over themselves or over others.

For example, our bodies breathe air and pump blood subconsciously. Yes, our brains send signals to the lungs and heart that make them pump, but it’s not a conscious decision that the body makes. Same with life. Bad things happen. We make mistakes. We fall down. We get hurt but we must always take a breathe, get back up and fight even stronger than before. You have to be strong willed and resilient just like your body’s will that keeps the heart and lungs pumping.

Knowledge comes from the mind, passion comes from the heart and endurance comes for the body.  The soul is what brings the three together and allows them to flourish. We must learn that these things will not always be perfect and that's the beauty of it. If we were all perfect we all would be the same; it’s our flaws that make us unique. They’re what make us beautiful. It’s how we treat ourselves (mind, body and spirit,) and the world around us that matter.

I believe our thoughts are the gateway to true happiness for anything is possible if one is willing to make that change. The path will be full of hardship and tests of the mind, body and spirit. We must plant the seeds of our dreams; but like a flower it needs nourishment from the mind, the warm sunlight from our hearts, and safe room to grow within ourselves. Sometimes we must take a step back from the comfort of our lives. Not to run away from our problems but to take a second to breathe and remind ourselves where we came from, where we are, and where we want to be. Sometimes it’s these imperfect things that keep us grounded.  It reminds us that we are human and can’t always have control. Take the time to listen and not just with your ears.

I can’t stress the importance of breathing.  Taking in the positive energy and exhaling the stress, anxiety, anger and depression.  Allowing yourself to be love itself; for this world needs love now more than ever. Become that love and hope. For no matter how we feel we are never truly at loss. Life forces us to dig deep into the earth so our roots can spread and strengthen us. Make room for the light to balance the dark and never give up.  Never stop trying because if you never try at life you’ll never know what it is to live.

Yes, you might feel the winter breeze as you pray for the warm spring rain to wash away the old and replenish the new. You remember that water is important it brings life. It can carve through stone and heal itself. It is the giver of life so let it birth love and light. Love must come from within so the next time you fall just look at the stars, pray with the water and remember we love you… I love you.

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