FRESH. Function. A Hip-Hop Cypher / by Simone Johnson

by Micaela Iron Shell-Dominguez

The International Indigenous Youth Council - Denver Chapter & Earth Guardians team up to present:

A youth hip-hop open mic cypher… be vocal, be loud, be proud, and VOTE!


FRESH. Function is all about partying together at the polls and celebrating all that hip-hop offers as a method of non-violent direct action. This event includes an open mic, spoken word, hip-hop cypher battle, a live hip-hop performance by Antonie Edwards Jr., along with live art celebrating non-violent direct action with commentary on local Colorado 2018 ballot initiatives. Not to mention, voter registration!

In 2018, we continue to harness this artform called hip-hop to spark change and ignite solidarity within the communities that need it most. Through the celebration of hip-hop and the fresh perspective of today’s youth to shape our nation; we invite the Denver-metro area youth to be vocal, be loud, get out and vote!

Why a hip-hop cypher?

Five generations ago hip-hop was born, as a method of non-violent direct action, to continue amplifying hip-hop youth voices. Hip-hop, is the revolutionary art form and movement that has transcended generations, united people and transformed their voice through political changes. FRESH. Function Hip-Hop Cyper provides youth to express themselves freely with the mid-term elections quickly approaching.

LIVE PERFORMANCE BY Antoine Edwards and beats by DJ CAVEM throughout the night.

Sign up to participate in the cypher battle today.
CASH PRIZE will be awarded to the winner!

Kick it with us on Nov 2nd!

Learn more about the event and purchase your tickets today.

Be on the lookout for the live feed on Instagram and Facebook, pictures from the event. We will be recapping this event on the blog post-event!