Indigenous to Somewhere / by Thomas Lopez

by Genova Izguerra

“We are all indigenous to somewhere,” a ring constant in the matter of my mind. I explored that and reconnected to my Mexica culture. As a first-generation Mexican American womxn, my connection to the earth began in this part of the world since being uprooted from my motherland Mèxico and being born in America. Being from both places makes this world all that much closer.

Water Protectors

Thinking back further, I think of the Mestizo blood in me. Great grandchild of rape from the Spanish inquisition, people who uprooted themselves 1492 to come to a completely new place in life. I have the blood of the Colonizer and Indigenous. The blood of the coward and resolute. I choose to grow my Indigenous identity. It is my strong belief that Indigenous practices of prayer in action is what will save this dying world. We are all indigenous to somewhere. This is where I am and so I shall stand my ground.


Prayer in Action. Heart and mind connected in intention so deeply there is no choice but for the universe to provide. For that to happen, I must find my focus. I must find the road I wish to walk on and follow it through with strong resolve. That this is what will allow a thriving world once again.