Introducing IIYC Twin Cities Chapter / by Simone Johnson

by Atquetzali Quiroz & Amoreina Espinosa

Newly Founded Chapter in Twin Cities, MN

Boozhoo, Hola, Hello Everyone! We are the newly founded International Indigenous Youth Council Twin Cities Chapter. IIYC TC was established in November 2018. Our first event was Break Out The Vote, where several  breakdance/ hip hop dancers attended. St.Paul Mayor Carter and Minneapolis Mayor Frey spoke at the event bringing awareness to the importance of voting. We started out the year by traveling to Los Angeles to meet other Indigenous/ POC led organizations and received training from an IIYC mentor. We came back to the Twin Cities having a better understanding of how different organizations run.


Learning & Teaching Resilience

We are currently going to receive two other trainings from Mama Sin Vergüenza and Resilient Campus. IIYC also co-hosted an event with Resilient Campus on April 13th at Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center. During this workshop we discussed and learned about different strategies for people's mind, body, and environment to practice resilience. For the Mama Sin Vergüenza workshop we discussed physical, mental, sexual, and spiritual health. With this knowledge, we will invite more young women to the circle and teach them what we learned. IIYC TC is extremely excited to be working with both groups and we are looking forward to future events.

April Open House Meet & Greet

On April 5th IIYC TC hosted an open house/ meet & greet. We opened with an introduction of everyone that was there and of IIYC TC. We talked about what people are passionate about doing. There were a variety of different responses. Some youth said they wanted to create murals that are about a social issue. Others said they were passionate about language revitalization. There were also many connections made. A couple of the youth were very interested in beading and regalia making. Jada, a youth who attended said she would be willing to teach people how to bead and/ or make a regalia. Minor, another youth who attended said he was in the process of making videos to teach people how to speak one of the indigenous languages from Costa Rica. This sparked interest in many youth and may be a possible upcoming project for IIYC TC. We are excited to invite in new members and continue doing work in the community this year.