self love

Mi Vida Su Vida (My Life Your Life) by Simone Johnson

by Simone Johnson

Mi Vida Su Vida is one of IIYC’s programs that focuses on total health and wellness of body, mind and spirit. This training was developed in collaboration with Promotoras from IIYC’s mentor organization, Sisters of Color United for Education (SOCUE). Mi Vida Su Vida provides culturally responsive prevention, intervention and treatment methods around health education for young people.

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Everything Will Be Okay by Thomas Lopez

by Jasilea Charger

Jasilea Charger was one of many Indigenous Youth from Cheyenne River that answered the call to protect her home from the DAPL.  After Standing Rock Charger has been trying to align her mind, body and spirit. Here is a glimpse into her journey to total health and wellness. 

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HOME by Thomas Lopez

by Alexis Saenz

What does home mean to me? Home is all the places that make me feel my most pure form: dance, nature and Colorado. These are the places I’ve buried my heart. What does it mean to feel present and one with yourself within your environment? Can we find this place? What helps us find this? These are all questions I was curious to explore and feel presently. I believe that the feeling of being present with yourself and within your environment is something that is hard to find, especially within our day to day lives. Most of the time, when we find this place it’s when we are away from our lives, on vacation, or going on a walk or run, which usually involves nature. 

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Birth of a Water Protector by Thomas Lopez

by Thomas Tonatiuh Lopez Jr.

IIYC Member and Water Protector, Thomas Lopez Jr., shares his journey from his academic career to leader of the re-birth of the Indigenous Movement, beginning with the Standing Rock Uprising of 2016. A year from the founding of the IIYC and the move to protect the Cannonball and Missouri Rivers from the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), Thomas describes the moments throughout his journey that helped shape him into the water protector he is today.

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