We Climb by Simone Johnson

by Francisco Ferreyra

Colonization is a wrangly beast

with lumps of coal for eyes and crude oil running through its veins


He kidnaps our children

and builds skyscrapers over our most sacred sites


We resist when we can,

but his presence towers over our history

with a reach stretching across time and space


The beast itself is 1,000 feet tall,

so we make like global temperatures and climb

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Birth of a Water Protector by Thomas Lopez

by Thomas Tonatiuh Lopez Jr.

IIYC Member and Water Protector, Thomas Lopez Jr., shares his journey from his academic career to leader of the re-birth of the Indigenous Movement, beginning with the Standing Rock Uprising of 2016. A year from the founding of the IIYC and the move to protect the Cannonball and Missouri Rivers from the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), Thomas describes the moments throughout his journey that helped shape him into the water protector he is today.

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We Are Crucial to the Movement: IIYC Members Attend National VoteRunLead Training to “Run As You Are” by Jacquelyn Córdova

by Jacquelyn Córdova

The International Indigenous Youth Council was honored to attend VoteRunLead's #RunAsYouAre Conference in Minneapolis, MN. IIYC Council Member's engaged with women from all socio-economic, political, and cultural backgrounds, in order to build a support network of powerful women interested in running for office.

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